Redefining My Voice: What Sheryl Sandberg Taught Me at BlogHer ‘13

If you’ve followed my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds over the past few days, you know that I was in Chicago for the BlogHer ’13 Conference.

What exactly is BlogHer and why should you care about it?  More on that from CNN.

Why did I travel to my second favorite city in the world, sitting in chilly, cavernous conference rooms and schlepping my laptop from shuttle bus to shuttle bus while my family took in its sights and sounds?  To learn more about blogging technology, network with other like-minded bloggers and consider a potential business opportunity or two. What I didn’t anticipate was how this conference in particular would help me to redefine my voice.

The voice.

We all have one.  But how do we use it?

That was a big part of the discussion during the keynote session with Facebook COO and author of Lean In— Sheryl Sandberg.

mom a la mode and Sheryl Sandberg

mom a la mode and Sheryl Sandberg

And it was a defining moment for me, as it helped me to form a contextual framework around my own plans with mom a la mode, and recognize the true power of a woman’s voice.  Which honestly, isn’t something I really thought much about before.

Just about two years ago, I decided to attach a snappily named URL to my own voice through this here blog.   I wasn’t completely sure where it would take me, or what exactly I’d do with it.

I’m still not completely sure.  More on that in a bit.

Before that, my voice was often behind the scenes writing for others — my words taking form on business press releases, fashion trend sheets, corporate documents, pitch emails and ghostwritten blogs, often edited, but with still a hint of “Lisa” shining through.

Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed my work, paid my bills, honed my skills as a writer in this capacity, and was fortunate to work for smart, nurturing women who helped me to refine my writing style and my voice.

And then the time came to give my voice a platform of its own.  Which is why and how I became interested in blogging.

If you know me in person – and maybe at this point, you feel like you already do – you know that I’m quite chatty.  A bit of a social butterfly. I enjoy food, fashion, products, pop culture and I’m willing to happily share with you my thoughts on something new and cool, or what I’ve found to be effective or helpful in my own life.  I’m at no loss for words on anything pop-culture related (see previous post on my meeting Dr. Travis Stork).  And that’s what I hope to continue to do here on mom a la mode.

I try to keep things light, fun and fresh.  And above all, authentic.

Yes, I do product reviews and giveaways – but I’m choosy. If it’s not a product or service that I use, or that I think is fitting with what you, the reader, might be interested in, then it’s a no-go.

The purpose of this post, on the heels of an enriching, introspective and invigorating conference experience at BlogHer’13, is to Thank You for your support and your readership.  It’s validating and frankly, just super cool, to receive your feedback and comments on my writing.  I’m delighted that my voice resonates with so many of you out there.  It’s actually a little mind-boggling to think that a combined number of over 1,500 people on my social media platforms actually care about what I have to say.

I’m thrilled that you’re here.  I’m thrilled that I have this platform to inspire, dialogue and share my voice with you.  And I hope to continue to do so in some new and unexpected ways on mom a la mode.  We’re on this journey together and let’s see where it takes us!

Back to BlogHer’13:

It was pretty awesome to hear Sheryl Sandberg speak in person, and then have the chance to briefly chat with her (and of course, take a photo!)

Hasbro Party Fun with Nerf Rebelle

Hasbro Party Fun with Nerf Rebelle

I had a chance to do some really fun things (Hasbro Party tops the list), meet some interesting people (Dr. Travis Stork, Sheryl Sandberg) and meet up with many “virtual” friends of mine.  I also got to meet some of Canada’s leading Mom bloggers as well as some amazing Midwestern ladies who blog about fashion, couponing and family life.  There was a blogger who talks about life as a young widow and single mother, many who talk about green living, and some who have no real path or focus – they just love to write, and their tribes like to read them.

All of these voices – so rich, with so much to say, were the heart and soul of BlogHer ’13.  I’m delighted that I had the chance to be part of that mix, and hope to continue to be a conduit of all things food, fashion, fun and fabulous from this mom in the mode here on this blog.


-mom a la mode

{I was not compensated in any way for this post.  All opinions expressed here are solely mine.}

5 thoughts on “Redefining My Voice: What Sheryl Sandberg Taught Me at BlogHer ‘13

  1. I loved Sheryl Sandberg’s Keynote as well.

    BlogHer13 was an opportunity to meet so many bloggers …if you can think of an interest you will find a blogger who is writing about it.

    As a grandma blogger, I absolutely love the enthusiasm of women like yourself and am happy to have met you at BlogHer!

    • Agreed, Lorette! So many women (men, too), so many voices — so much to be said, and all coming from different perspectives, backgrounds, etc. Amazing, right?

      SO wonderful to meet you in person, too. And your city still remains one of my FAVES!!!


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